The Soft Skill Training

Higher Development for Achievers provides a wide selection of the Soft Skills Training Development.

Training Overview

Day 1



Getting Started: Self- Reflection Worksheet

Getting Started: Effective Job Readiness Checklist

Starting With A Goal

Communication Skills


Day 2


Listening Skills

Conflict of Resolution  Exercise #2

Common Causes of Conflict In the Workplace

Conflict Stages

Tips for Resolving Conflicts With Others

Conflict Resolution Role Play


Day 3

Resume Writing

Resume Writing Overview

Applications:  Tips


Day 4


Interviewing Outline

Interviewing Checklist

Preparing for the Interview

Typical Interview Questions

Dress For Success

Certificate of Completion

After completing the step-by-step 4 day training sessions; Higher Development for Achievers will provide a ceremony for our clients and their guest(s).  For taking the next step to "Gain Success" each client will receive a Certicate of Completion of the Soft Skill Training.


Higher Development for Achievers is honored sharing moments in the lives of people with personal or professional barriers.  As our clients go forward in life Higher Development for Achievers wants each and every client to take “The Soft Skill Training” techniques and make their dreams come true.  All things are possible when you just believe in yourself!


Aim High ...

"Success is most often achieved by those who don't know that failure is inevitable."

- Coco Chanel

Interested in taking The Soft Skill Training?
If you have additional questions or would like to participate in Higher Development for Achievers skill training development and job placement, please contact us by completing our Participant Intake Form or by calling (248) 707-0037.

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